who we are


if you are new and wondering about us this is the place to find most information you will need in a short summary, once your account submission is approved you will be given full access to our information

Our goals contrary to popular belief are not only for the protection of human culture but for the human race as a whole as in recent years the combined government

efforts of immensely powerful locations have proved that they themselves are unable to keep us safe with international meetings on the topic

resulting in nothing more than ignorance and bribery with example investigations such as "Operation Black Cat" and "Operation Falsetto" in the United States and

"Betrieb Pseudonyme" in Germany all halted with little to no explanations on why considering how important a topic this was and the amount of evidence gathered.

This outside threat is too dangerous to be ignored and around this time is when we the people stepped in, the only ones who can help us now are ourselves

and regardless of who you are and whether or not you join us just please understand that your government does not exist to help you anymore

do not listen to them no higher power such as this can be trusted for any longer.

we await your application